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  • Hangar, Antarctica

    In the Chilean Antarctic an hangar with a steel frame was installed. This rapidly deployable system is used to host Chilean Air Force aircraft. The project was made by Tarpulin in Chile. The logistical challenge was to deal with the extreme weather conditions and the…

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  • Einstein1 Digital Start-up Center

    The Einstein1 Digital Incubator stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity, exuding a modern architectural brilliance that encapsulates the essence of the digital era. It serves as a melting pot for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, a space where visionary ideas metamorphose into reality.…

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  • Golden Rock Resort

    VALMEX® TF | 400 F1 revolutionizes sustainable hospitality, especially in facade applications. The VALMEX® Façade product line, designed for constructing or revitalizing facades, offers a myriad of design possibilities, ranging from sharp edges to sculptural curves. The development process prioritized key features such as resilience,…

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  • Scala Shopping Mall

    The Scala Shopping center spans approximately 4 hectares of land and accommodates 160 stores. With over 2,000 parking spaces, it offers a modern shopping destination and numerous job opportunities in the Cumbayá neighborhood in the northeast of Quito, Ecuador. Approximately 30,000 plants of various species…

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  • High-speed roll-up doors

    High-speed roll-up doors produced by Rayflex Portas Flexiveis Ltda, serving as a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional roll-up doors, can seamlessly incorporate POLYMAR® Side Curtain material. Whether installed in exterior or interior areas, these doors enhance transit between different work zones within…

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  • Truck Side Curtains

    Founded in 1950, Facchini is a family company specializing in the development, production, and distribution of road implements across various transport segments, including heavy, medium, and light categories. Committed to customer satisfaction, Facchini prioritizes quality and endeavors to meet specified technical requirements. One of Facchini’s…

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  • Self Supporting Ponds

    Self-Supporting Ponds play a crucial role in gathering, storing, and distributing water for various purposes, including rainwater harvesting, water supply, and fire water reserves. These tanks function independently, providing an efficient means of utilizing water resources without reliance on existing water infrastructure. Rainwater harvesting involves…

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  • Inflatable Tent Camps

    Inflatable Tent Camps produced by Tarpulin Ingeniería de Protección® excel in life-saving and emergency assistance. They inflate and deflate rapidly, featuring a modular and inflatable system for quick deployment in the field. The interconnectivity of pneumatic tents enables the setup of field hospitals, addressing diverse…

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  • Inflatable boats, life-rafts and water play equipment

    Inflatable boats consist of tubes filled with compressed air. These are popular for water activities and serve as rescue boats. Emphasis is placed on their collapsibility and easy portability through rapid air release. Their cold resistance, double bottom, and non-slip features are particularly crucial for…

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  • Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan

    Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan (commonly known as Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan) is the largest exhibition centre in Kolkata, India. With 31,894 square metres (343,300 sq ft) of exhibition space, it is the primary exhibition and convention centre. The complex was designed to organize national and…

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