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Self Supporting Ponds

Project name
Self Supporting Ponds
Concept & Design
Tarpulin Ingeniería de Protección®

Self Supporting Ponds

Self-Supporting Ponds play a crucial role in gathering, storing, and distributing water for various purposes, including rainwater harvesting, water supply, and fire water reserves.

These tanks function independently, providing an efficient means of utilizing water resources without reliance on existing water infrastructure. Rainwater harvesting involves the use of standalone tanks to capture and store rainwater, primarily for irrigation or other non-potable uses. This sustainable practice significantly reduces the demand for valuable drinking water and helps mitigate wastewater pollution.

In situations where connecting to the public water network is challenging, especially in remote areas, Self-Supporting Ponds serve as a dependable solution for water supply. These autonomous structures facilitate the storage of potable water, ensuring a clean water supply for the local population.

Within the realm of fire protection, freestanding tanks for firefighting water are of paramount importance. Strategically positioned, these tanks ensure rapid and ample water supply for the fire brigade in the event of a fire emergency.

Constructed from VALMEX enviro pro – Big Bag II and Produced by Tarpulin Ingeniería de Protección®, Self-Supporting Ponds exhibit exceptional resilience to weathering, chemicals, abrasion, buckling, chlorine, and UV exposure. The material’s versatility extends to the safe storage of environmentally hazardous substances like diesel fuel, paraffin, or waste oil.



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