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Truck Side Curtains

Project name
Truck Side Curtains
Concept & Design
Facchini S/A

Truck Side Curtains

Founded in 1950, Facchini is a family company specializing in the development, production, and distribution of road implements across various transport segments, including heavy, medium, and light categories. Committed to customer satisfaction, Facchini prioritizes quality and endeavors to meet specified technical requirements.

One of Facchini’s standout products is the Side Curtain Semi Trailer, also known as Lonate Trailers. These trailers feature a robust structure mounted on a table trailer or flatbed. They are versatile and accommodate a range of goods, including palletized commodities, raw materials (such as wood, steel, and iron), and moisture-sensitive machinery. Additionally, due to their excellent protective features, these semi-trailers are also used for transporting traditional dry van goods like food and beverages, general retail merchandise, and items from the hospitality industry.

Within the Polymar side Curtain product range, there is now a sustainable version: Polymar 8556 ECO CF is made from recycled PET bottles. Its emphasis is its excellent durability, UV resitatant and printability.

To find out more about the Polymar 8556 ECO CF you can watch this video detailing the product if you press here.


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