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Golden Rock Resort

Harold Brandwijk Island of Sint Eustatius in the Dutch Caribbean
Project name
Golden Rock Resort
Island of Sint Eustatius in the Dutch Caribbean
Concept & Design
Hoenderdos Constructie & RVS
Hoogeboom BV
This project has won the Silver Award in the category „Textile Shading Systems“ of the European Textile Award 2024.

Golden Rock Resort

VALMEX® TF | 400 F1 revolutionizes sustainable hospitality, especially in facade applications. The VALMEX® Façade product line, designed for constructing or revitalizing facades, offers a myriad of design possibilities, ranging from sharp edges to sculptural curves. The development process prioritized key features such as resilience, durability, and permeability.

Confronted with the challenge of crafting resilient yet aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions in the face of unpredictable Caribbean weather, The Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort on Sint Eustatius turned to VALMEX® TF 400 F1 for its exceptional strength, weather resistance, and durability.

Approximately 850 square meters of this material were utilized in erecting sail roofs and sunshade curtains throughout the resort, delivering both protection and seamless integration with the architectural design. The sail roofs, constructed with VALMEX® TF 400 F1, demonstrated resistance to tropical storms while simultaneously functioning as rainwater collection systems for the resort’s sustainability initiatives.

The rainwater collected, filtered through the VALMEX® TF 400 F1 roof, finds reuse in toilets, gardens, and various environmentally friendly projects within the resort. Thus, the judicious use of these roofing solutions not only enhances resilience against unpredictable Caribbean weather but also actively supports the resort’s sustainability initiatives.

In summary, VALMEX® TF 400 F1 stands as the premier choice for durable building envelopes, offering a sustainable solution for robust and aesthetically pleasing roof constructions, as demonstrated by its successful implementation at the Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort.


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