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Scala Shopping Mall

Quito City, Ecuador
Project name
Scala Shopping Mall
Quito City, Ecuador
Concept & Design
PREYSI Cia Ltda.®
The Shopping Mall is outfitted with the first rectractable roof in Ecuador.

Scala Shopping Mall

The Scala Shopping center spans approximately 4 hectares of land and accommodates 160 stores. With over 2,000 parking spaces, it offers a modern shopping destination and numerous job opportunities in the Cumbayá neighborhood in the northeast of Quito, Ecuador.

Approximately 30,000 plants of various species were utilized for the project, including 60 native to the region. Annually, the plants on the facades of Scala Shopping are expected to produce enough oxygen for 1,000 people, while the 9 vertical ecosystems collectively can capture around 300 tons of harmful greenhouse gases.

Designed to adapt to weather conditions multiple times a day, the first retractabe roof in Ecuador enhances the experience of customers enjoying the central courtyard and its events.

Whether impacted by heavy rain or facing the full force of the summer sun, our membrane ensures that visitors and on-site businesses are protected. The MEHATOP® N-Lacquer system represents the latest generation of weldable PVDF surfaces, setting innovative standards in the field of textile architecture. With an increased fluoride content and carefully selected ingredients, the membrane’s surface energy is reduced, leading to significantly improved cleaning performance, high UV protection, long lifespan, and long-term project satisfaction.


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