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POS advertising

Getting information direct to the customer

Advertising for products and services is essential, particularly at the point of sale. Advertising media like banners, banderoles, kiosk flags or ice cream parlour flags often have to be printed on both sides. MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES® BLOCKOUT materials are perfect for this type of advertising. The product line is also ideal for displays, stand displays and info boards.
Interior spaces have very special requirements when it comes to printed media. Besides low weight and attractive surface structures, flame resistance in particular is important MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES® products are also available in a flame retardant version in all application areas of its print collection.
It is also used by many companies for large-scale advertising on lorries and HGVs, which are increasingly being used as mobile advertising placards. MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES® products are made of tarpaulin fabric which, with its high-gloss surface, produces a brilliant printed image.

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