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Inflatable boats, life-rafts and water play equipment

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Inflatable boats, life-rafts and water play equipment
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Inflatable boats, life-rafts and water play equipment

Inflatable boats consist of tubes filled with compressed air. These are popular for water activities and serve as rescue boats. Emphasis is placed on their collapsibility and easy portability through rapid air release. Their cold resistance, double bottom, and non-slip features are particularly crucial for reliable water use.

Translating “Life Rafts” as “Rettungsflöße” emphasizes their inflatable nature and usage as rescue equipment, especially in the fire department. Additionally, they are referred to as rescue islands, automatically inflatable shelter spaces for accidents on the open sea.

VALMEX® materials, especially Nautica and Boat, play a key role in these projects. Their UV resistance, weatherproofing, and resistance to bending make them ideal for water applications. Water and dirt repellence contribute to their durability.

Overall, the revision highlights that Schlauchboote and Rettungsflöße are not solely reduced to their inflatable nature but emphasizes their specific features for reliable water use. The mention of VALMEX® materials underscores the importance of high-quality materials for such projects.


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