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High-speed roll-up doors

Mogi da Cruzes, SP, Brazil
Project name
High-speed roll-up doors
Mogi da Cruzes, SP, Brazil
Concept & Design
Rayflex Portas Flexiveis Ltda

High-speed roll-up doors

High-speed roll-up doors produced by Rayflex Portas Flexiveis Ltda, serving as a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional roll-up doors, can seamlessly incorporate POLYMAR® Side Curtain material. Whether installed in exterior or interior areas, these doors enhance transit between different work zones within large companies, offering optimal functionality.

The utilization of POLYMAR® Side Curtain material in crafting these high-speed roller doors contributes to their superior performance. With a wide range of colors available, such as blue, grey, black, etc., the material ensures aesthetic versatility. Its UV resistance, flame retardancy, tear resistance, kink resistance, and weatherproof attributes make it suitable for diverse environments. The material’s water-repellent and dirt-repellent features further enhance its adaptability. You can find out more about the product on our website: Polymar ® Side Curtain

The high-speed roll-up doors, integrated with POLYMAR® Side Curtain material, go beyond expectations in terms of safety and efficiency. Featuring a hermetic design, they provide a visually appealing and fast solution with a silent opening and closing system. The material’s weldability adds a layer of ease to the fabrication process, making it more user-friendly.

Moreover, the design of these doors can be customized to fit the specific space where they are installed. Some variations even incorporate a peephole at the top or in the middle, allowing visibility to the other side and enhancing the luminosity of the surrounding space. This innovative combination of high-speed roll-up doors and POLYMAR® Side Curtain material exemplifies a cutting-edge solution for various industrial and commercial applications.

Find out more: Rayflex | Portas Rápidas


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