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Canterbury College, Australia

Versatile Structures Queensland, Australia
Project name
Canterbury College, Australia
Queensland, Australia
Concept & Design
Versatile Structures
Waterproof PVC membrane fabric provides high UV-protection and low maintenance for the school and groundskeeper.

Canterbury College, Australia Architect, Design

The 450m2 large grandstand membrane featuring Mehler VALMEX® FR 700 MEHATOP® Nano fabric, delivered a highly
successful result for Canterbury College that they decided to task Versatile Structures ( ) with design and fabrication of a 278m2 pool
structure cover. This time, the engineering and steelwork fabrication was managed by Versatile Structures and the obvious fabric
choice was the Mehler VALMEX® FR 700 MEHATOP® Nano, again.
This latest generation of weldable PVDF surfaces is setting new standards in textile architecture. In addition to its high UV-protection
and long service life, its higher fluoride content reduces the surface energy of the membrane and results in a greatly improved
cleaning process and a long service life and project satisfaction in the long term.
The second phase of the project for the Pool Structure had to be done during school holidays to maximise site safety,
giving the teams just a 4-day week in which to complete the structure. The installation of the frame was completed via a large crane with dogman and multiple EWP operators
to lock off the steel connections. The 200kg skin was so heavy that we also required to utilize the crane to finalize the fabric installation.


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