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...more than 60 years of experience in Textile Architecture

Low & Bonar is one of the internationally leading companies on the coated technical textile market. We produce and distribute more than

53 million m² of material under the brand name MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES® each year. Our customers are involved with processing industries.

Low & Bonar, Hückelhoven
Low & Bonar, Hückelhoven

More than 60 years of development and production experience are the basis for our sophisticated products. Continued research and development improve existing compound materials and open up new application areas.  Our machines are always state-of-the-art and therefore provide a consistent quality for all our products. Intense communication with planners, manufacturers and processors in different market segments and industry branches is proof of our close and trusting cooperation with our customers. Our technical textiles are divided into eight product groups:

  • Tarpaulin
  • Print
  • Textile architecture
  • Solar protection
  • Boat & pool
  • Tent
  • Industry
  • Container

Carrier fabrics, which are manufactured in our company's own weaving mills, are the basis for our technical textiles. The coatings are composed from several components depending on the application. The result is high-quality fabrics and high-tech products, which are used in almost all segments worldwide. We have two production sites in Germany and one in the Czech Republic. We also have distribution companies in Italy, France, Great Britain, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China and the US as well as distribution partners in other European countries and Australia. We deliver our material to customers in more than 80 countries.

From Mehler to MEHGIES

Hammersteiner Kunstoffe, Hückelhoven 
Hammersteiner Kunstoffe, Hückelhoven

Low & Bonar Lomnice, Czech Republic 
Low & Bonar Lomnice, Czech Republic

We have manufactured coated technical textiles for more than 60 years.

  • 1837 Foundation of the parent house by Mehler in Fulda
  • 1888 Foundation of the parent house by HAKU in Wuppertal
  • 1944 Manufacture of PVC coated textiles –and technical synthetic leather
  • 1954 Manufacture of technical textiles as defined today (with polyester fabrics) 
  • 1969 Tarpaulin fabrics are sealed with acrylic coats
  • 1993 First polyolefin coatings are marketed and a recycling concept is developed
  • 1994 First weldable PVDF coat "VALMEX® Mehatop F" is presented (improved durability in comparison with acrylic coats)
  • 1998 Merger of HAKU Hammersteiner Kunststoffe GmbH, Hückelhoven with Mehler Technische Textilien GmbH, Fulda and renaming of the company as Mehler HAKU GmbH, Fulda  
  • 2004 New light-weight materials with a textile appearance are introduced to the market for the application “of "digitally printed advertising banners" with a width of up to 5 metres (AIRTEX® GT and AIRTEX® magic)
  • 2005 First coating of polyester fabrics with temperature and chemically resistant THC (fluor) plastics
  • 2006 Renaming of Mehler HAKU GmbH and bundling of the coat application and calender coating activities in Mehler Texnologies GmbH
  • 2008 Mehler Texnologies joins the Low&Bonar Group
  • 2012 Introduction of our facade mesh materials under the name TF 400
  • 2014 Invention of the VALMEX® Mehatop N lacquering  membranes with improved self-cleaning capacity
  • 2016 rebranding to Low & Bonar while inventing the new premium product brand MEHGIES®
  • 2018 brand turns back to MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES®