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  • airtex® classic
  • airtex® classic

AIRTEX® CLASSIC | airtex® classic

AIRTEX® classic is perfect for solar protection applications. This 200 g/m² light fabric is a 100% polyester fabric, which is coated with acrylate on one side and impregnated. The special coating gives AIRTEX® classic a distinctively textile character. AIRTEX® classic has outstanding properties in comparison with dyed materials made of polyester fabric or cotton. Its lightness and ease of handling make AIRTEX® classic an impressive sunshade fabric. With a total weight of just 200 g/m², this material achieves a very good sunshade effect in accordance with UV Standard 801.
  • Weatherproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Stain-resistant
  • Water repellent
article number 4107-4911

Product specifications for AIRTEX® CLASSIC | airtex® classic

Material properties Value Unit Measuring Methods/Norm Remark
Total weight 200 g/m² EN ISO 2286-2
Tensile strength warp/weft 2200 / 1000 N/50 mm EN ISO 1421/V1
Tear strength warp/weft 280 / 80 N DIN 53363
Cold resistance -40 °C EN 1876-1
High Temperature +70 °C PA 07.04 (intern)
Sun protection factor 80 UV standard 801
Light fastness 6-8 Note, Value EN ISO 105 B02
Weather fastness 6-8 Note, Value EN ISO 105 B04
Resistancy against water pressure 70 hPa DIN EN ISO 811
Hydrophobicity > 80 Note, Value AATCC-22 Spray Test, EN 24920 Spray Test
Crack resistance 50000 x DIN 53359 A no cracks
Material PES DIN EN ISO 2076
Weave L 1/1 ISO 3572
Type of coating ACRYLIC one side
Finish antimicrobial, dirt repellant
Remarks always assamble with coated side outside
zu Wasserdruckbeständigkeit 70 hPa entspricht einer Wassersäule von 70 cm bei einer Prüffläche von 100 cm²
All technical data set out above are for product information purposes only and not legally binding, and will cease to apply with any further development of the products. The most recent technical data will be provided by Low & Bonar on request. Please note that the technical data as set out above are average values only. All values are generated through tests by established laboratories in accordance with industry standards. Results may vary if testing is executed by different laboratories or due to different standard interpretation. All technical data apply to new products only. Deviations may occur due to production procedures.

This product is available in the following colors:

  • Gelb 9526 Gelb
  • Orange 9527 Orange
  • Blau 9545 Blau
  • Weiß 9577 Weiß
  • Hellgrau 9653 Hellgrau
  • Dunkelgrau 9654 Dunkelgrau
  • Mausgrau 9665 Mausgrau
  • Hellrot 9671 Hellrot
  • Kirschrot 9675 Kirschrot
  • Himmelblau 9701 Himmelblau
  • Moosgrün 9710 Moosgrün
  • Perlgrau 9741 Perlgrau
  • Smaragdgrün 9767 Smaragdgrün
  • Lagune 9793 Lagune
  • Nickelgrau 9801 Nickelgrau
  • Bahamabeige 9816 Bahamabeige
  • Natur 9823 Natur
  • Schwarz 9853 Schwarz
  • Sisal 9875 Sisal
  • Silber 9876 Silber
  • Terrakotta 9878 Terrakotta
  • Weinrot 9879 Weinrot
All pictured colors are digitally reconstructed according to the color of the tarpaulins. Due to the reproduction, the color representation is not binding and may differ from the original depending on you browser and screen. We therefore recommend to order samples in the desired colors from us.

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