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AIRTEX® magic FR duo (grey back)

AIRTEX® magic FR duo is a digital print fabric with a coated light grey back and a weight of just 350 g/m². The surface has a textile texture, which allows the fabric to radiate a certain naturalness and homeliness. The vinyl coating is very robust and makes the surface scratch-proof, impervious to dirt and hygienic. This makes AIRTEX® magic FR duo suitable for wall coverings as a large-scale printed wallpaper as well as for shop and gastronomy decoration. The grey back coating makes the substrate virtually opaque. This means that walls do not need to be pre-treated. Any existing stains, scratches, joins or other imperfections do not show through, leading to considerable savings in time and costs. AIRTEX® magic FR duo is manufactured up to a web width of 500 cm. This means that wall coverings with impressive dimensions can be applied seamlessly.

Material properties

  • Homogeneous ink absorption
  • Vibrant colour print reproduction
  • Temperature resistant
  • Not translucent
Flame retardant
Digital print possible

AIRTEX® magic FR duo (grey back)

AIRTEX® magic FR duo (grey back) 7535 has a total weight of 350g/m². This quality is refined with our special print coating to ensure excellent printing with solvent, latex and UV inks. The standard widths for this product are 90, 106, 137, 160, 250, 320 and 500 cm. This allows large format applications to be easily served. The flame retardant effect of this print material is certified in accordance with many international fire safety classes.

Alongside lightness, AIRTEX® magic FR duo (grey back) makes an impression with the particularly high quality and textile structure. This premium product is exclusively used indoors. 

You will find the AIRTEX® magic FR duo sample card available here to Download.

Another popular application for AIRTEX magic FR duo are wallpapers. You can find more information in our brochure here.

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