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VALMEX® pacific

VALMEX® pacific is a high-tech product for yachts and boats with premium grade features. The material surface has an attractive textile fabric structure and a very pleasant feel. This creates a beneficial effect that is highlighted by carefully coordinated colours.

VALMEX® pacific is the leading, spun-dyed and UV stabilised PES fabric on the market. With its high quality, the environmentally friendly acrylate/polyurethane coating underlines the appeal of this boat material, which is particularly used for convertible tops.  

Material properties

  • Textile structure
  • UV resistant and weatherproof, coloured yarns
  • High strength
  • Minimised elongation effect
UV resistant

VALMEX® pacific 4308

VALMEX® pacific is distinguished by its exceptional material properties:

  • The high use of yarn material at a weight of 390g/m² ensures good stability
  • Very high tear/tear growth resistance in comparison with polyacrylic
  • Excellent elongation effect and form stability   
  • Very good elasticity; the material does not extend as much as polyacrylic; tops fit better or do not need to be tightened
  • Attractive, coarse fabric structure
  • Soft, flexible material feel making it very easy to process
  • Low brush effect and crease whitening
  • Non-fade and weatherproof: grade 7-8
  • Large fabric width of 210 cm meaning less disruptive optical seams and less cut wastage
  • Very good spray and oil repellent properties
  • Excellent fungicidal and mould repellent features
  • Salt water resistant
  • Easy to seal (with tape)
  • 5 year guarantee

The material is currently available in 12 colours. You will find an overview in the VALMEX® pacific sample card available toDownload.

The colours may differ on the computer screen. Please request an original colour card with material samples.


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