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VALMEX® industrial crop curtain

The VALMEX® industrial crop curtain IV DLG is certified by the German Agricultural Society in accordance with ISO 17103 for a blade speed of up to 90 metres per second. This flexible yet robust quality ensures long-lasting reliability for all agricultural businesses that have to rely on safety in their everyday work.

Material properties

  • Extremely tear and tear growth resistant
  • Tested perforation resistance
  • Protective acryllic coating
UV resistant
Easy to clean

VALMEX® industrial crop curtain 7677

crop curtain

The VALMEX® industrial crop curtain IV  DLG 7677 is a robust quality coated on both sides for high mechanical loads. The weight is 1400 g/m² and the standard width is 245 cm. The material is certified by the German Agricultural Society in accordance with ISO 17103 for a blade speed of up to 90 metres per second.

You will find further information in the VALMEX® industrial crop curtain IV DLG sample card available to Download.

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