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VALMEX® tivoli

VALMEX® tivoli is a flame retardant membrane, which is perfectly suited to applications in the event sector due to its low surface weight. This can be both for temporary structures, such as tents and pavilions, as well as for gastronomy equipment such as umbrellas that suit VALMEX® tivoli very well due to their light design. Our standard portfolio in this quality impresses with its huge variety of colour. 

Material properties

  • Low surface weight
  • Flame retardant
  • UV resistant and weatherproof
  • Fungicidal
Mould and pest repellent
Flame retardant
UV resistant
Easy to clean

VALMEX® tivoli 7213

VALMEX® tivoli 7213 is a flame retardant quality, which is coated on both sides. The total weight is 580 g/m². The standard width is 250 cm but the colour white is also available in 270 cm. This quality is available from stock in many vibrant shades of colour in single rolls.

You will find an overview in the VALMEX® tivoli sample card available to Download.

The colours may differ on the computer screen. Please request an original colour card with material samples.

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