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VALMEX® façade

Our products from the VALMEX® façade product range inspire architects throughout the world and allow them to create façades that match their concepts and design ideas.

Sharp edges are just as easy to implement as soft curves and arches.

Let your building stand out from its surroundings or become one with the panorama.

Anything is possible with MEHLER TEXNOLOGIES® printable façades.  

Material properties

  • Flame retardant
  • Mould and pest repellent
  • Easy to seal
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital print possible
Mould and pest repellent
UV resistant
Flame retardant
Easy to clean
Digital print possible

Valmex TF 300

700 g/m²

Valmex TF 400

420 g/m²

Shopping Centre, Ulm, Germany, 2010
Shopping Centre, Ulm, Germany, 2010

The following projects are done with this MEHGIES® product:

Valmex TF 600

1050 g/m²

TF 600 printed
TF 600 printed
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Mehler Texnologies® is  the  Premium Product Brand for coated textiles of Low & Bonar PLC.