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The VALMEX® product line

The company founder Valentin Mehler never would have dreamt in the year 1837 that his name would one day parent the world's most well-known brand of coated technical textiles in the premium segment.

Unmistakable quality products, the latest generation of which is primarily used in textile architecture and other specialities of high-end applications, have been produced under this brand since 1938.

This means that the traditional and modern are a unison of permanent development work at Mehler Texnologies.

The POLYMAR® product line

Development engineers from Hammersteiner Kunstleder GmbH (HAKU) based in Wuppertal had the right intuition as early as the middle of the last century: fabrics with a thermoplastic synthetic coating were set to become very relevant as "technical textiles" in future.

For this reason in 1953, the company decided to protect the brand name POLYMAR®, which is based on the PVC polymerisation process. Over many years of chequered history, this HAKU brand has become a synonym for premium standards in the coating industry. POLYMAR® is now manufactured at all Mehler Texnologies sites in a range of variations and colours.

The AIRTEX® product line

Light products that are in harmony with their environment play a supportive and symbolical "floating" role in solar protection. Our AIRTEX® brand name picks up on this association. AIRTEX® materials are light qualities with a very textile appearance for various solar protection applications. 

More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing technical textiles, usually as PVC-free variations, always let products from AIRTEX® put themselves in a good light in the sunshine.

The PLASTEL® product line

Coating tradition has existed at our Czech site in Lomnice nad Popelkou since 1967 under the company name Technolen. The brand name PLASTEL® was created at the time and its origin is closely linked to the word stem thermoplast. Fabrics coated with PVC on both sides have been marketed under this brand ever since.    

PLASTEL® still proves itself as a synonym for cost-effective materials with a defined quality standard up to the present day.         

The COROTEX® product line

This trade name is a made-up name and synonym for all Mehler Texnologies products with a coating made of silicone-rubber, which are usually used for applications in the transport belt industry. The COROTEX® brand name has been synonomous with the coating industry since the middle of the last century. It was originally introduced by Degussa then was taken over and successfully continued by Mehler.

The TRAINTEX® product line

Hardly any other brand name manages with such ease to illustrate the respective application area so meaningfully.

Our TRAINTEX® products combine all necessary physical and pyrotechnical properties required for flexible protective covers in rail freight in the proven Mehler Texnologies quality. This young brand (in existence since 1992) is enjoying growing global popularity.

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Mehler Texnologies® is  the  Premium Product Brand for coated textiles of Low & Bonar PLC.