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POLYMAR® boat 4503 is a premium boat material that has been developed for long-lasting applications under extreme environmental influences. The special coating made of a TPU/PVC mixture combines exceptional robustness with the usual processing options.

Material properties

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy to seal & adhere
UV resistant
Easy to clean

POLYMAR® boat 4503

POLYMAR® boat 4503 is a boat material with a matt coating on both sides and a total weight of 1200 g/m² in a standard width of 150 cm. The coating is a special TPU/PVC mixture, which allows large boats to be manufactured with much higher safety factors.

You will find an overview of the characteristic material properties in the POLYMAR® sample card available to download. The colours may differ on the computer screen. Please request an original colour card with material samples.

You will find the POLYMAR® boat 4503 sample card available here to Download.

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