Five new apprentices at Low & Bonar


The arrival of the five new apprentices and a goodbye to the old apprentices

From left to right: Jana Hoff, Kristy Küpper, Marie-Louise Weidner & Ali Öztürk, Simon Roebers and Jan Mix
From left to right: Jana Hoff, Kristy Küpper, Marie-Louise Weidner & Ali Öztürk, Simon Roebers and Jan Mix

Again, it is the time of the year where Low and Bonar welcomes the new apprentices.
This means at the same time, two apprentices accomplished successful their first carrier goals and passed their exams. Congratulations to Glena Poschen and Simon Roebers!

While Glena Poschen decided to stay with us, Low and Bonar has to say goodbye to Simon Roebers because he chooses to start studying Business in Cologne.

We asked Simon a couple of questions about his time at Low and Bonar.

Simon decided that he wants to make his apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant at Low and Bonar since he got the job interview three and a half year ago.
It was for him important that the industry he works for matches with his interests and that he can do his job in a positive working atmosphere. “The best thing about working at Low and Bonar is definitely the cooperation with the co-workers.”, says Simon. “In case something went wrong at work, you can still count on your colleagues. That’s for me the biggest strength of Low and Bonar.”

Another strength which was experienced by Simon is that he as an apprentice was given a great load of responsibilities. This made him feel needed and put sense in his everyday working life.
Simons tasks were the handling of the orders and the customer complaint.
The most important thing Simon learned in the past three years is talking on the phone to customers confidently and communicate with co-workers the right way.

When we asked Simon, about his feelings regarding this chapter of his business carrier, he answered that he is sad and happy at the same time, but of course he is also looking forward to the future.
Is there anything you want to say to the new apprentices?
“Always keep your eyes and ears open!”, Simon says. “There are a lot of things which you can learn within a short time period. Just get to know as much as you can within your apprenticeship at Low & Bonar .”

For the five new apprentices in four different departments starts a new chapter in their carrier life. The first two days are the official introduction days. Presentations to tell the apprentices what they can expect of the next three years and a tour through the company to meet all of new colleagues, are just two parts of these days.
We asked the five apprentices about their expectations and experiences so far.

Jan Mix is looking forward to his apprenticeship as a qualified IT specialist for system integration. He is expecting a daily routine, which he is looking forward to, especially. He wishes that he is going to have a fascinating time with great colleagues. He hopes that they could have the same interests as him, so that they can meet up after work as friends.
Additionally he aims to expand his knowledge and accomplish his exams extra ordinary. “It is an important goal for me to be able to work self-contained after I passed this apprenticeship.”, he says.

Kirsty Küpper und Marie-Louise Weidner will be trained within their apprenticeship towards being industrial management assistants. They say, the best thing about this apprenticeship is that they are able to experience the different departments each for a defined time. This gives them the advantage that they are able to decide afterwards which department fits best, and the apprenticeship does offer them a lot of diversion.

What they sense as a positive thing is that all employee are at eye level with the apprentices and take a lot of time to explain them everything accurate. “You just feel that the satisfaction of all employee is one of the top priorities.”, says Marie-Louise. “That explains why Low and Bonar has such a good reputation.”

Ali Öztürk is currently trained to be a mechatronics. His goal is to learn as much as possible. In the first place he wishes to fulfil his apprenticeship successful and to get an experienced mechatronic. “I like that our job is to solve problems, I hope that I can learn as well some skills usable for my everyday life.”, he says. At his apprenticeship he deals with installations, improvement and maintenance of the machines at the factory.

Jana Hoff does the apprenticeship as an assistant for marketing communication. She is excited to learn how to frame a website and how to turn her creativity into practice. “What I really like about the company is that I get integrated into the working process and learn to be responsible right from the start.”, she says. “Furthermore you get to know new things every day, that’s what it makes so multifaceted.”

We wish all apprentices a pleasure and educational time and welcomes you to Low and Bonar!

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