10 years of MEHGIES products in Romania


With a branded cake and the GBD Marc Krauth the romanian entity celbrated the 10 years jubilee


While worldwide everyone was looking at the UK´s referendum on the 23th of July 2016, our Global Business Director Marc Krauth and Sales Manager Eastern Europe Rafal Kwasniak used the calm before the storm to give their compliments to the jubilee entity personally.

10 Years which were coined by a lot of changes and continuous growth. "Starting with only one sales, we managed to have a great entity established in Romania" as Sales Manager Eastern Europe Rafal Kwasniak said.

Mr. Krauth pointed out in his speech that exactly the ability to embrace the new and to develop out of it is one pillar of our success at Low & Bonar. Furthermore he mentioned that the team as he experienced it, is exactly the right one to tackle the next ten years, promoting our new premium product brand MEHGIES.

One of the highlights of this memorable evening was the cake. Decorated with brand names it was a memorial of our roots pointing towards future as one global player in the technical textile industry known as Low&Bonar.

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Mehler Texnologies® is  the  Premium Product Brand for coated textiles of Low & Bonar PLC.