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Sports hall Griesheim

Architekten Wolfgang Berge und Michael Schröer-Becker Griesheim, Germany
Project name
Sports hall Griesheim
1194 qm
Mai 2020
Griesheim, Germany
Concept & Design
TuS Griesheim, Germany
SMC2 Deutschland (Germany)

Sports hall Griesheim

The new sports hall in Griesheim, which was designed as a pure training hall without a spectator stand, measures around 25 m by 45 m and has a playing height of 7 m.
The area can be divided into three fields by two nets. If required, it can be tempered to 12 °C room temperature with a dark radiator gas heater, which corresponds to a
perceived temperature of 14 – 16 °C for the athletes. The hall is equipped with energysaving LED lights and the high-quality sports floor is applied to a surface made of
mastic asphalt.

A dehumidification system ensures a pleasant room climate even during busy periods and a lot of sweat.
Thanks to the innovative construction, the hall is characterized by both low investment costs and sustainability. Compared to a conventional hall, electricity and heating
costs are saved and only ecological building materials such as wood from sustainably managed forests, recyclable steel and reusable textile membranes are used.


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