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Sandhills Sports Club

Sandhills Sports Club Bargara, QLD
Project name
Sandhills Sports Club
3700 qm
Dezember 2020
Bargara, QLD

Sandhills Sports Club

The Concept

Covering 2 greens end on end, one of the unique challenges with the design was incorporating
the existing club house at the narrow southern end of the canopy, as well as making
allowances for a new club development which would run along the longer eastern edge of the
bowling green canopy.
Originally designed with 8 vaulted canopy sections (9 supporting columns along each side),
the design was reworked to include 7 bays, thus removing the central coloum in line with
the walkway between the greens. The new Clubhouse will access the greens via this central

The Materials

The PVC fabric chosen for Sandhills Sports Club canopy is our FR 1000N HTL (High Translucency).
The fabric has translucence of approx. 10% compared to the standard PVC/PVDF
translucency of 6-8% and so allows a lot of natural light to filter through to the playing surface.
The material has a PVDF surface coating which is a low friction fluoropolymer and has a
smooth finish which is resistant to the red dust of the surrounding farmlands and sugarcane
fields, and add additional durability to cope with the high humidity and salty sea air of the Coral
Coast region.

The Result

When asked how the new bowling green canopy has benefited the club, Bargara Bowls Club
Secretary Jess Cannon replied; “Hugely …. it’s increased our membership already and we’ve
only been bowling under the new cover for a couple of months”.
“It’s got the wow factor… it’s just a first class facility, as good as it gets.” Ashley Powell, Bagrara
Bowls Mens President.


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