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Pavilion of Religions

Kiefer, Textile Architektur National Garden Show, Bamberg, Germany
Project name
Pavilion of Religions
Products used
160 qm
National Garden Show, Bamberg, Germany
Koch Membranen

Pavilion of Religions

The National Garden Show 2012 in Bamberg…

…allowed for the first time, even if only temporarily, to build a place of worship for three religions. During the State Garden Show 2012 the house of prayer of religions invited Christians, Jews and Muslims “to touch the paradise“.

The project…

…had a lifetime of about six months, from April 26th to October 7th 2012. The diameter of the base plate was about 10m, the usable floor area was 60m² and the total height of the structure was about 6,10m.
A dome of three, in the same direction curved, printed surfaces embodied the three monotheistic religions that revolved around a common center. The main structure consisted of three symmetrically arranged steel tubes which met at the highest point on a circular ring.

This supporting structure was covered with a printed translucent membrane. Due to the translucency of the fabric, the printing could also be seen from inside. At the same time it ensured adequate illumination without additional light sources.


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