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Office of Culture and Tourism

Abu Dhabi, United Emirates
Project name
Office of Culture and Tourism
Products used
6000 sqm
Abu Dhabi, United Emirates
Concept & Design
Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi
SAS fabric Industries

Office of Culture and Tourism

The Office of Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi..

…has a brand new façade built out of Mehler Texnologies® material. It protects the building against sun, rain and wind. The façade wraps the whole building.
People who visit the place can still easily look out of the windows at the palm trees – through the glass and equally through the mesh fabric. Additionally the mesh fabric reduces wind loads significantly.

The façade’s 3D structure softens the environment in many ways: on the one hand its acoustical effect adds to the surrounding streets’ sound absorption. On the other hand the fabric’s mesh structure has a filtering effect within the street’s micro climate.


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