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Multifunctional arena, Friedensau

Friedensau, Germany
Project name
Multifunctional arena, Friedensau
700 sqm
September 2019
Friedensau, Germany
Concept & Design
Architektengemeinschaft Mayer-Winderlich und Martinez Moreno

Multifunctional arena

In Friedensau, a town in Möckern in Saxony-Anhalt, were two reasons to celebrate on September 29, 2019: On the one hand, the 120th anniversary of the village with around 420 inhabitants was celebrated and, on the other hand, a new multifunctional arena was opened. This offers space for 1,500 spectators and is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also the new social center of the village community.

The new arena was built on top of an existing amphitheater with rows of stone seats. Under the direction of the architects Mayer-Winderlich and Martinez Moreno, the existing rows and rooms were renovated and expanded using solid construction. In addition, the arena was built over with a filigree structure made of glued laminated timber and steel, on which a textile membrane was stretched as the building envelope. This has the advantage that the inside of the arena is illuminated with daylight thanks to the transparency of the membrane. In addition, the texture of the textile building envelope reduces the echo effect and ensures optimal acoustics in the arena. The company SMC2 was responsible for the planning and assembly of the supporting structure and the textile building shell over the arena with a diameter of 50 m.

Concerts, readings, conferences, celebrations and other events are to take place inside the arena, which has now been converted into an event location that can be used all year round. The hall with the impressive construction will soon be regularly filled with life, much to the delight of the residents and all project partners.


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