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coated fabrics and technical textiles

more than
60 years of experience

Product areas
Textile construction
Sun protection
Boat & Pool
Sport & Camping


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Product overview

AIRTEX® classic (boat & pool)

AIRTEX® classic (construction)

AIRTEX® classic (sport & camping)

AIRTEX® classic (sun protection)

AIRTEX® classic melange (construction)

AIRTEX® classic melange (sport & camping)

AIRTEX® classic melange (sun protection)

AIRTEX® FR (print)

AIRTEX® GT (print)

AIRTEX® magic FR (print)

AIRTEX® plus (boat & pool)

AIRTEX® plus (construction)

AIRTEX® plus (sport & camping)

AIRTEX® plus (sun protection)

AIRTEX® top (boat & pool)

AIRTEX® top (construction)

AIRTEX® top (sport & camping)

AIRTEX® top (sun protection)

AIRTEX® top melange (construction)

AIRTEX® top melange (sport & camping)

AIRTEX® top melange (sun protection)

BACKLIT I FR (print)


BLOCKOUT (print)

BLOCKOUT easy FR (print)


Corotex® 7802 P 155 (industry)

Corotex® 7803 P 250 (industry)

Corotex® 7804 P 260 (industry)

Corotex® 7805 G 278 (industry)

easy MESH FR (print)

Flashguard® (construction)

Flashguard® (sun protection)

FRONTLIT I (print)

FRONTLIT I blackback FR (print)

FRONTLIT I easy (print)



MESH plus FR (print)

POLYMAR ® Polyfoam 1,5 (boat & pool)

POLYMAR ® Polyfoam 3 (boat & pool)

POLYMAR® 7520 MESH plus (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7521 easy MESH (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7523 silver MESH (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7523 super MESH (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7914 scrim (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7915 scrim (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7916 scrim (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7917 scrim FR (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® 7920 scrim (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® FR color 8212 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® FR color 8506/8509 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® FR color 8540 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® Keder Camping (construction)

POLYMAR® Keder Camping black (construction)

POLYMAR® Keder Panama 1100 (construction)

POLYMAR® Polyfoam 1,5 (industry)

POLYMAR® Polyfoam 3 (industry)

POLYMAR® Polyfoam Schaumbeschichtung 1,5 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® Polyfoam Schaumbeschichtung 3 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® Riemchen (industry)

POLYMAR® Riemchen (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® Schaumbeschichtung 1,5 (construction)

POLYMAR® Schaumbeschichtung 3 (construction)

POLYMAR® shades S 600 (construction)

POLYMAR® shades S 680 (construction)

POLYMAR® shades S 900 (construction)

POLYMAR® sports 3080 Polycristal (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 4221 sol-boutique (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 4237 airtex top (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 4240 nautica schwer (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 7318 mainstream (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 7318 mainstream pyramid (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 8102 sportmatte (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 8250 tarp lackiert (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 8556 side curtain (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 8602 trennwand 12 (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 8851 tarp matt 650-2 (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® sports 8948 tarp matt (sport & camping)

POLYMAR® tarp 8248 lackiert (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® tarp 8254 lackiert (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® tarp 8851 matt FR (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® tarp 8940 halbpanama (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® tarp 8948 matt (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® tarp 8954 matt (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® tent Poly opak (construction)

POLYMAR® tent Poly plus (construction)

POLYMAR® tent Poly prima (construction)

POLYMAR® TIR-Verschluss (industry)

POLYMAR® TIR-Verschluss (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® traffic 8205 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® traffic 8210 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® traffic 8556 (tarpaulin)

POLYMAR® transparent (construction)

silver super MESH FR (print)

Solgreen® (sun protection)

Solgreen® Premium (sun protection)

super MESH FR (print)

Traintex® (industry)

Traintex® (tarpaulin)

TRUCK CURTAIN glossy (print)

TRUCK glossy (print)

VALMEX® 7307 Mainstream PLUS (boat & pool)

VALMEX® 7311 Heavy PVC (boat & pool)

VALMEX® 7316 Life rafts and small inflated items (boat & pool)

VALMEX® 7318 Mainstream (boat & pool)

VALMEX® 7321 Heavy PLUS (boat & pool)

VALMEX® 7324 Life rafts and small inflated items (boat & pool)

VALMEX® camping 4213 Zeltdachware (sport & camping)

VALMEX® camping 4231 Zeltseitenwand/Faulstreifen (sport & camping)

VALMEX® camping 7822 Schutzdach silber (sport & camping)

VALMEX® camping 8227 Schutzdach (sport & camping)

VALMEX® camping 8227 Schutzdach opak (sport & camping)

VALMEX® enviro pro Ölbehälter (environment)

VALMEX® enviro pro Ölsperren (environment)

VALMEX® enviro pro Biogasbehälter (environment)

VALMEX® enviro pro Brauchwasserbehälter (environment)

VALMEX® enviro pro Lebensmittelbehälter (environment)

VALMEX® flexi-pool I (boat & pool)

VALMEX® flexi-pool II (boat & pool)

VALMEX® FR 700 duo opak (construction)

VALMEX® FR 700 stripes (construction)

VALMEX® industrial Faltenbalg (industry)

VALMEX® industrial Pralltuch (industry)

VALMEX® industrial Rolltor (industry)

VALMEX® industrial Torabdichtung (industry)

VALMEX® Kotband leicht (industry)

VALMEX® Kotband schwer (industry)

VALMEX® MEHATOP F 1000 Type III (construction)

VALMEX® MEHATOP F 1400 Type IV (construction)

VALMEX® MEHATOP F 1600 Type V (construction)

VALMEX® MEHATOP F 700 Type I (construction)

VALMEX® MEHATOP F 900 Type II (construction)

VALMEX® Movie screen (industry)

VALMEX® nautica light (boat & pool)

VALMEX® nautica light both side (boat & pool)

VALMEX® nautica linen (boat & pool)

VALMEX® nautica schwer (Low-wick) (boat & pool)

VALMEX® polycristal 3033 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3033 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3050 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3050 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3055 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3055 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3060 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3060 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3065 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3065 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3080 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3080 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3088 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3088 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 3250 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 3250 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® polycristal 8860 (construction)

VALMEX® polycristal 8860 (sport & camping)

VALMEX® pool cover I (boat & pool)

VALMEX® pool cover II (boat & pool)

VALMEX® sol-boutique Blockstreifen (construction)

VALMEX® sol-boutique Blockstreifen (sun protection)

VALMEX® sol-boutique Unifarben (construction)

VALMEX® sol-boutique Unifarben (sun protection)

VALMEX® solera gestreift (sport & camping)

VALMEX® solera uni (sport & camping)

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